Sunday, September 24, 2006


"And frankly to be honest, I have never seen a man demand money but I have seen women demand money from the husband directly infront of judges, police and even the media. If demanding Money from Wife or her family is wrong so then is demanding money from husband is wrong. i.e if dowry is wrong so is Sowry whether law realises it or not Those who demand a diamond ring or gold necklace are wrong."

- Bharti, Sr. Activist, SaveIndianFamily.

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Blogger Swarup said...

Check all the 498A case history , the same had been established by evidence also.
You will not find a sinlge case where the husabnd had taken the money.
Where as each and every case the wives family only takes money.

It seems the demanding dowry is wives family's on birth right from husabnd, where as if husabnd refuse to accept a gift that also a crime under 498A , as it is a mental crulity to her, We have seen fe FIR mentioned by wives family that the husabnd family refused to accept the window A/C, suits, saris for relative and it should be termed as crulity to wife..
Wonder when indian people will weak up for truth instead of lying in dark..

11:53 AM, September 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In many cases, wife earns enough and being only child inherits lifetime savings/ properties of her parents. Whereas the husband comes from an average family, struggles to make a living on his own and his parents are not at all as wealthy as the girl's ones are. What happens when the husband is forced to divorce when his wife makes his life a hell by giving contant abuse, humiliation, threat and possibly a 498A? The wife who always claimed to be "independent" changes colour and all of a sudden becomes "dependent" on the husband! Sometimes she even stops taking salaries but continues to earn - often more than the husband. Husband has to feed her even though there is no issue out of the wedlock. His distress is no less than the wife! He is also affected after the divorce. Rather more because he is feeding a parasite after the divorce!

Even a rikshaw-puller husband has to give maintainance/ alimony to his ex-wife who is also daughter of a Tata/ Birla.

3:23 PM, September 26, 2006  

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