Sunday, March 07, 2010

Pratibhatai Patil on Misuse of Wife Law

"Laws made to prevent women from harassment should not become instruments of oppression,.....The bottomline, therefore, is the fair invocation of legal provisions and their objective and honest implementation.”

- Prathibhatai Patil. 

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Blogger Ganesh Ganu said...

many our mother and sister are harrased by the our wives.. old aged paretns cannot protest for there right. they can only see there sons hadcuffed condition..husband of india is gulam. even the British had not Thrown men out of own homes . but This UPA govermnt had passed such LAw Called " Domestic Violance Law" from failed marriage women earn free money .. and indian goverment called distributing husband money among unsecuessful wife is "JUSTICE" u can go to moon and come back with in 1 month. but getting divorce is much tough in indian court.

12:00 AM, March 08, 2010  

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