Sunday, November 27, 2005

Shobhaa De- Women are more cruel

"How many times have I heard women say, ‘I wish he was dead’. The ‘he’ being the husband, of course. The same women have come back weeks later expressing shame, regret and guilt for making such a telling remark.
Strangely, I’ve never heard a man say that about his wife.
Which makes me wonder whether women are more cruel in these matters, or more put upon."

- Shoba De, in Spouse, Chapter 8 (Marriage Most Foul- Shaadi aur barbaadi.)


Blogger gopelalwani said...


In every matrimonial discord the man is always at fault.
This situation is the creation of feminists NGO's and the
National Commission for Women ( NCW ) funded by Indian
Government, They have crossed the line into a very
dangerous territory.

Their preachings and actions are destroying the joint family values,
and centuries old traditions including joint family system in India.
The Draconian laws passed at their behest are killing
institution of marriage in India.

Men and Women, Boys and Girls will soon stop supporting these
feminists NGO's and NCW for the disaster they have created in
the society.

Once people come to know that their human and individual rights
including their hard earned savings and properties are taken away
under various draconian laws in force at the behest of feminist's,
they are bound to wake up and revolt.

The cases of Divorce, Dowry prohibition and 498A are multiplying
in urban areas due to feminists one sided propaganda.

These draconian laws are mostly used and misused in urban areas
consisting 15 % population and affecting upper middle class families,
Non Resident Indians and Persons of Indian Origin as they are
vulnerable to blackmail and extortion including alimony and

Rest of the 85% rural areas mostly have no such problems
as they are very closed societies and are not vulnerable to
the false propaganda and modern feminists preachings.
Rich and Poor families are not affected by these draconian laws
as they sort out these problems themselves with their own methods.

Every case registered under these draconian laws
and Media reporting is sending clear signals to every body including
relatives of victim families, neighbours, generation of school and college
students, young sons and daughters of marriageable age and their
old parents that the marriage is a very dangerous commodity because
of these draconian laws.

One case is sending signals to hundreds and thousands people about
perils of marriage created by these one sided laws, when they see or
hear that entire family sick, old, pregnant and children being arrested
without bail and jailed without any enquiry, verification and investigation.

Ignominy suffered during and prior to trial by the victim families will
be reasons for others to loose faith in institution of marriage.

The percentage of convictions in these cases is miserable 2% after
long trial lasting several years and 98% is harassment and extortion.
These laws have miserably failed and proved mockery of Indian legal
system.These laws have not benefited any woman in the process so
for but proved dangerous to society.

"NCW" is sponsored and funded by government and has been
functioning as " TALIBAN OF INDIA".
"NCW" activists are engaged in gender war, similar to
Afghan Taliban who ruined their country and brought
civil war and perils in Afghanistan.
The difference is that "AFGHAN'S TALIBAN" are women haters.
But the "INDIAN NCW" are men haters.


9:18 PM, November 27, 2005  

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