Sunday, January 07, 2007

B Saxena (TOI reader) on 497

Adulterous Women are Offenders too

Times have changed. People don't get very shocked or surprised when they find out that a spouse is involved in an extramarital affair. People have moved with the times but apparently, the National Commission for Women has not, According to Indian Penal Code 497, women cannot be tried of committing adultery. In other words, a woman committing adultery does not amount to a punishable offence while the husband can be punished for the same. Is this not inequality? The government proposed to amend the existing provisions of IPC 497, which are biased, but the NCW turned it down.
"Girija Vyas believes that a woman is always a victim not an offender. But the question is: An Adulterous Women is victim of what? "
B Saxena (sent this view on Section 497 in TOI, 6th Jan 2006 Pg.15)
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Blogger Swarup said...

Still I do not understand :
Why NCW shielding Adulterous women??
Is there any vested interest there?

1:08 PM, January 15, 2007  

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