Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mumbai Central on False 498a

I can't believe this. I've been playing the role of the crusading lawyer in a 498A case where the whole bloody complaint is fabricated.

- mumbai central on twitter.  

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

jogeshwarji on law

A.Sources of laws.
1.Laws do not lie in the pages of books.
2.Laws lie in the minds of men.
3.Pages of books are just alibi.

B.Laws in practice.
1.Facts and laws remaining the same interpretation can be anything as their lordships please.
2. Ignore the facts and laws and prevail the opinion and that is the law in the case in hand.

Jogeshwar Mahanta.  

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shekhar on 498a v/s 302

1.302 you are the only accused 498A you along with parents, friends, neighbor, pets etc etc are in the accused list.
2.In 302 if you acquitted in false cases then you are a free man.In 498A if you acquitted in false cases you have to pay maintenance (courtesy CrPc 125 ,24 HMA,DV) Alimony etc etc.
3.In 302 you donĀ“t have to worry for your Hose, Car, Flat bank balance etc etc. In 498 A you have to worry for all these (courtesy DV Act)
4.In 302 your council has a less chance to take you for a ride In 498A you are totally depend in your council and he can take you for ride.
5.In 302 if you arrested you will treated as a "someone" in jail and after that there is many other carrier option like politics, Mafia,Don etc etc In 498A you will treated as a 2nd class citizen in jail. No lucrative carrier option likes above.
6.After 302 bail/acquittal you can spend time with your children.In 498A you are not able to even see your children.List goes on and on.

- Shekhar, SIF Member.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Virag on Mental Attitude

Actual fight is outside the court, not inside the court and it is a mental game. All they want to do is induce fear in your mind so that you bow down to legal terrorism.

Virag Dhulia.
PRO SIFF Bangalore. 

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Friday, January 01, 2010

Ranga Rao N on GrandPa's arrest and AB

Hi folks,

"Finally my beloved sis-in-law filed the 498a FIR. The beauty of this is that, there were no allegations against my elder brother at all in the FIR, even though he is the hero in the story, just as he is absconding since last one year. But the charges are made on myself, who never-even had a chance to visit their house, since their marriage, on my younger brother, who is away from country altogether, even before their engagement happened and on my parents.

She also implicated my grandmother and grandfather. But real sad part is my grandfather (aged 79 year) has to go to jail. Police kept him in the police station close to a week without producing him in the court. They produced him in court, only after my uncle sent telegrams to the CJ of HYD about the incident.

Now... we are out on bail and need to check out for the next course of action to be taken up.
Thanks a ton to SIF, for the awareness its spreading on this kind misuse of the law. Without SIF members, I could not have thought about anticipatory bail. All the lawyers, I spoke to, told me that FIR is mandatory for filing for anticipatory bail. But, due to the knowledge I gained in SIF forums, I forced the lawyer to file for anticipatory bail, without FIR and got it too."

- Ranga Rao N

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