Sunday, January 28, 2007


"This is a joke my wife told me long back & can you believe I laughed then thinking it was a good joke - little did I knowA little goes to a shop & asks how much is a Barbie doll The shop keeper says American Barbie $5Indian Barbie $10Divorced Barbie $200. The little girl asks why the different prices? Shopkeeper says American Barbie wears a Bikini - so cheaper as less cloth used Indian Barbie wears a saree - more cloth - so more money, Divorced Barbie - comes with Ken's house, car & personal belongings, Now I know - what she was trying to tell me..."

- Arrsha. (498a Victim and a SIF Member)

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sophie Choudry

BT: Your Take on Infidelity?

Sophie: I know one is Greedy by nature and spoilt for choice, but if you can't even be loyal to the one you love then what's the difference between you and the dog next door?

- Sophie Choudry (VJ, Model and Singer)
in an interview with Bombay Times.

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Babu Anna

"It is said that 'ignorance is bliss'. But not for a husband. Why I am saying this is because, men are so ignorant about 498A (even today) that theycome to know about their existence only after the wife has fired the legal ammoand police comes at his doorstep. There are cases in which wife/her relatives do not threaten to use 498A, rather they file it straightway. There is no opportunity for the husband to take any preventive action. Only plus point is he has peace of mind till 498A is fired."

- Babu Anna (SIF Member)

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

B Saxena (TOI reader) on 497

Adulterous Women are Offenders too

Times have changed. People don't get very shocked or surprised when they find out that a spouse is involved in an extramarital affair. People have moved with the times but apparently, the National Commission for Women has not, According to Indian Penal Code 497, women cannot be tried of committing adultery. In other words, a woman committing adultery does not amount to a punishable offence while the husband can be punished for the same. Is this not inequality? The government proposed to amend the existing provisions of IPC 497, which are biased, but the NCW turned it down.
"Girija Vyas believes that a woman is always a victim not an offender. But the question is: An Adulterous Women is victim of what? "
B Saxena (sent this view on Section 497 in TOI, 6th Jan 2006 Pg.15)
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